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You’ve finally done it: the moving vans are packed and on their way to your new place, and you’ve got your old life in a suitcase. Moving into a new home is an exciting but overwhelming feeling. With so much potential, but also so much to do, it’s easy to forget what actually needs to be done. Picking out a day to get the paperwork and admin done means you can kick back and relax once you have everything in order.

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Change suppliers

This one requires the most paperwork: devoting some time to switching all of your suppliers is one of the best items to tick off your list first. Create a list and check them off one at a time:


 -Gas (if applicable)



 -Cable and Internet

Once you’ve written it out, it doesn’t look so long. Getting this completed well in advance means that you won’t be stuck waiting for your Wi-Fi to be connected, or find yourself contacting the water company to inform them that the bill lying on the welcome mat doesn’t belong to you. Therefore, there is no time like the present to get on with it and switch over all of your accounts.

Handy tradespeople

Having handy tradespeople that you can call in an emergency is vital when you’ve moved into a new home. While you’ve hopefully had surveyor round to tick off any potential problems, you don’t know your new place as well as you did with your old abode. You might have missed a leaky tap here and there, or not noticed that broken door knob in one of the bedrooms. Instead of attempting these fixes without any knowledge, hop online and search “handyman near me” to find assistance near your new home. 

Do an inventory of when you arrive 

In fact, to be more specific, make an inventory of everything you have packed into boxes – even if it’s just a rough guide. For instance, you could write down “Red plastic box: full of books.” This means that when you arrive at your new place, you can check off everything as it’s unpacked. This saves you from realizing two months down the line that you’re missing a box full of belongings. It also means that you can notify the moving company sooner rather than later that you have something missing. 

Pack some absolute essentials 

This is useful for just before you move, however, it’s a good idea to get your ducks in a row well before you leave. Before you start putting your life into boxes, be sure to ask yourself: what can I not live without? This suitcase full of essentials should be able to see you through the transitional period in your new home. It should include toiletries, plenty of clothes and a few creature comforts to stop you from feeling completely alienated. 

Forward mail

Many people have experienced the frustration of realizing that a long-awaited letter is sitting in the mailbox of your old home. Thankfully, you can easily do this online. This saves any unwanted hassle or awkward phone conversations with the new residents of your old home. 

As well as sorting out the technical formalities, remember to change your billing address or delivery address on any subscriptions you may have. This may be worth doing on the same day that you change your utilities over. 

Any unwanted items?

Once you’ve completed packing and have organized everything into boxes, you may discover you’re not as attached to some items as you once thought. This is a good opportunity to decide what you do and don’t want to sell. Online selling hosts can be a bit of a slow way to flog any unwanted items, so you may wish to consider a pre-move yard sale. After all, moving is an expensive venture, and so raising some funds from your old knick knacks might not be such a bad idea. 


They often say that moving house is one of the most stressful undertakings a person can go through. The reason for this is in part down to the juggling act that takes place in order to transfer your old life into a new home. Arguing with family members, disagreeing over who forgot what and accidental breakages are all part of the parcel. To make life easier, create a list. This way, you at least have one aspect of moving home that you can control: how you organize your time.

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