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Each romantic relationship is individual in its way. Based on love, a unique connection is formed between people, saturated with its shades, nuances of perception, and factors of outside influence. In this case, the very first experience of falling in love has one unique quality, which is expressed in the further influence on subsequent relationships. People can meet many partners on their life journey, but most of all, the first relationship that opened up an understanding of new feelings and emotions will be remembered.

All relationships (and especially those that happen for the first time) are extremely important for personal development. Having been born, we gain experience from relationships with parents; when we get older, we take the example of brothers and sisters, we absorb the mentoring of teachers; and when we reach adolescence, we trust the role of the main influencers to friends, thanks to whom we open up the unstable world of romantic relationships. Romancecompass.com explains why this happens and what can be expected from the first love experience in the future.

First love gives us vivid memories

This laughter and smile of the one you loved can cause pleasant sensations in the chest and butterflies in the stomach. Bright eyes look at you like no one else. First love captures a lot of senses. Together with emotions, it creates memories that are hard to erase.

It gives understanding what you want and what to stay away from

Imagine that you went on a long-awaited trip and returned with a bunch of impressions or disappointments. When someone asks you how it was, you know what to tell, right? The same is with your first love – having experienced this “trip”, you will know exactly what you gained, what you lost and what you want, moving on. So, tell about it to yourself.

It helps us believe that love exists

First love changes our perception of the world and this is a fact. After all, these are completely new, unfamiliar and such pleasant experiences. Sometimes, in moments of despair, we think: is it really possible to love? And recalling our experience, we are convinced of this.

First love teaches us to value and love another person more than yourself

Love is the best cure for your ego. For the first time in our lives, we realize that someone may be more important to us (than we are). And we begin to sacrifice everything for this person. We watch films that we don’t like but our soulmate loves, we visit places where we never thought to go because our partners wanted to go there. Love is a kind of compromise. And this is the very first lesson we learn after this relationship. And without this lesson, we will not be able to stay in other relationships for a long time and, especially, to create a family. 

We learn from mistakes

About 80% of people have a bad first love experience. But this is a plus because a person’s personality is tempered precisely through trials and difficult situations. So, the first failure is the only possible springboard to love victories. Without the experience of unsuccessful love, you will not learn to value the relationships you have now. Besides, after the first serious romance, in people, an already well-developed intuition exacerbates.

Your first love reflects your youth

Over time, thoughts about your first love are not just directed to where you were at that moment in your life. It can direct to the memories of your youth – memories, which seem pleasant when you look at it now. Remembering your first love may lead to a desire to return to that nice time.

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