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First it was the acquisition of Adrian Gonzalez  Monday afternoon. And Former Ray Carl Crawford. Photo: http://bosoxinjection.com/files/2010/11/carl_crawford.jpgnow with the signing of Carl Crawford to a 7-year $142 million dollar deal, the Boston Red Sox  have officially one-upped the Yankees for the title of baseball's biggest prostitutes. I would say another word, but this is a family site I’m submitting this to.

Judging by Crawford's stats, it seems he's vastly overpaid, much like Jayson Werth. But this off season, that seems to be a recurring theme.

Even if the Yankees  snag Cliff Lee for seven years, they still won’t top the Red Sox. No, I am not counting the multi-year deals they gave Derek Jeter  and Mariano Rivera  over the last few weeks. They HAD to sign these guys or the Yankees would be under scrutiny they hadn’t seen since the summer of 1977.

It’s kind of fun to see these two old goats (as Pedro Martinez once said in regards to himself and Jamie Moyer) go at it like they do. Since Boston’s historic comeback against the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS, this rivalry has been kind of quiet. Not anymore.

Their respective television networks  will prevent the Phillies  from even financially scratching the surface of these two American League powerhouses. After all, it’s tough to compete with a team who dominates Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. The Red Sox still need to sure up their pen and the Yankees are an aging team, so let the games begin.

Photo: http://bosoxinjection.com/files/2010/11/carl_crawford.jpg