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Despite what many people are saying about Miley Cyrus' Bong Video, this will make her bigger. Even though her father Billy Ray Cyrus took to Twitter and is deeply Miley Cyrus TMZ Bong Videodisappointed in Miley Cyrus' participation in smoking salvia out of a bong at a party - she'll come out of this just fine.

She is leaving behind the Disney-created, squeaky clean image and turning into a bad girl. Many pop artists have made this transformation and came out just fine. One perfect example would be Brittney Spears, who went through her trials and tribulations and is now bigger than ever. A few years ago people were placing bets on just how soon Brittney would die. Now she's on top of the music world.

Also it's not as if Miley Cyrus was smoking crack. She was smoking salvia - a natural drug with hallucenogenic effects, which isn't a controlled substance. Thus, she wasn't breaking the law.

Miley Cyrus is entering the roaring teens and becoming quite the party girl. And, the public will eat it up.

In a few years we'll be talking about whether Miley or Brittney is the queen of pop. Count on it.

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