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There have been rumors of a third team stepping into the Cliff Lee sweepstakes. Tonight, that third team was revealed by Jayson Stark. And, it's of course the Philadelphia Phillies.

This is the same Philiadelphia Phillies team, which wouldn't take on Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay's salaries at the same time. It's also the same Phillies team, which wanted no parts of the Jayson Werth free agency negotiations.

When it comes to free agency and mega-contracts, the Phillies like to abstain. Just take a look at the tyupes of contracts they sign their players to. Roy Halladay: 3-year deal for $60 million. Ryan Howard: 5 years and $125 million. Chase Utley: 7 years and $85 million. Aside from their pursuit of Jim Thome in 2002, (which was a PR move due to the new ballpark) they have never gone crazy in free agency.

With the exception of Utley, they never go beyond 6 years on a deal. Also - Utley was just 28 when he signed his 7-year extension in January of 2007. They like short contracts which don't obligate them to take on dead weight when a players' performance declines. It's not that they're cheap, it's just smart business.

They were right to not pay out the you know what for Jayson Werth. And, there is no way in hell they will give Cliff Lee over $20 million per season for 6 or 7 years. This alleged "source" with direct knowledge of the negotiations is probably a ploy by the agent to get the Yankees to up the ante in the negotiations.

The reality is the Cliff Lee sweepstakes has been a two-team race from the start.

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