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Angelo Cataldi has been a fixture in the Philadelphia media for decades. He had a storied career at the Philadelphia Inquirer and even was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

He joined 610 WIP in 1988 and reportedly earns a 7-figure salary. Cataldi is one of the biggest names in one of the biggest markets in the country and still respected by some.

Just when did it all go wrong though?

The fact is - Cataldi can no longer be taken seriously as a journalist. Over the years he has been reduced to becoming a rabble rouser and loudmouth who embodies everything wrong with sports talk radio in this country.

His low point came this year when Donovan McNabb returned to Philadelphia. Cataldi organized a group of bottom-feeding Eagles fans to boo McNabb in his return to Lincoln Financial Field. Nonsense like this is the reason why Philadelphia fans get the bad rap they do.

It's well-documented that Cataldi organized the "Dirty 30" to go up to the NFL Draft in 1999 so they could celebrate when the Eagles picked Ricky Williams. Like a bunch of children, these moronic fans booed when McNabb was drafted.

Cataldi's obsession with Donovan McNabb over the years bordered on insane. He has tried to run him out of town for years and finally got his wish when the Eagles traded McNabb in the offseason, thus handing over the reigns to Kevin Kolb. During Training Camp, I listened to Cataldi's Show (which was a brutal challenge) and he commented on Kevin Kolb's ability as a leader just because of the way he answered questions in an interview after practice. Cataldi fawned over Kolb's comfort-level with the reporters after practice and babbled about how McNabb could never pull this off.

Cataldi's love affair with Kevin Kolb ended abruptly after his miserable performance in the first half of the season-opener this year against the Packers. Cataldi, like many other Eagles fans immediately turned on Kolb and beat the drums for Michael Vick. Turns out that Vick is the better quarterback, but to dismiss Kolb after one half of football following that game was absolutely foolish. Cataldi was guilty of it, as were many Eagles fans.

In addition to Cataldi's sheer inability to be objective, he is one of the least approachable personalities in the city. This is in sharp contrast to 93.3 WMMR's Preston and Steve, who are probably the nicest people you'll ever meet on the radio, and who are extremely approachable. Catch them at any radio appearance and they will take the time to talk to anybody who wants to speak to them. Cataldi on the other hand, has been known to be standoffish and very unapproachable.

At one time, Cataldi commanded the respect of most Philadelphia sports fans. Now, he's just a characicture.

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