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December 16, 2010 is a day which will live in infamy for Facebook addicts across the seven seas. From Portland Oregon to the Florida Keys, Facebook users were asking these questions because their beloved Facebook was not working.

Is Facebook down today?   What's wrong with Facebook? And, why isn't Facebook working right now?

Just what precipitated this apocalypse? According to the Christian Science Monitor, Facebook went down due to profile updates for just a few minutes and is back up and doing just fine.

Then why all of the hubbub over the service being down for just a few minutes?

Clearly Facebook users, Americans in particular are so addicted to Facebook that their world falls apart when they have to go without it for just a few minutes.

Fear not, Facebookers it's back online and you can go back to updating your friends about watching 30 Rock or checking into Applebee's for dinner.

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