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Michael Vick's MVP talk this year is creating a lot of debate for sure. And, it also draws idiots out of the woodwork.

Take this particular idiot for example at irishcentral.com. Some lowrent hack named Cormac Eklof wrote an "article" entitled "Tom Brady versus Michael Vick - no contest for NFL MVP." In his rag of an article, Eklof notes how everybody is having a "short-sighted reaction" after Vick had "one good game." To quote him exactly, Eklof states with regards to the reaction following the Eagles' comeback against the Giants: This is a ridiculously short sighted reaction to one good game. The MVP award is thankfully decided over the course of the season, not one game, and Vick has not been MVP like for the whole season.

One good game huh. I guess he missed the game Michael Vick had against the Redskins when he put up 6 TDs and over 300 yards of total offense. Even though statistics aren't the be-all end-all, if you add up his fantasy numbers in that game, it marked the best statistical game by a quarterback ever! This so-called writer must have missed countless other great games Vick has had this season.

This hack for the Irishcentral also seems to forget that Vick has accounted for over 600 yards rushing and 8 TDs on the ground. While Brady has 31 TDs and 3,500 yards passing, Vick has 28 total TDs and nearly 3,400 yards in total offense when you INCLUDE his 613 yards on the ground. Eklof also FAILS to mention that Vick was the NFC Offensive Player of the Week, not once, not twice, but now three times.

Eklof then resorts to bottom feeding journalism 101, by posting the same tired JPG which was passed around 3 years ago of Vick in a Falcons jersey being chased by a pitbull. This is the epitome of "skank journalism" as I call it. Bottom feeders like Eklof are the reason why bloggers get a bad rap. Just shoot from the hip, be outrageous and sling crap against the wall hoping it sticks. That's the world we live in today I suppose.

To suggest this MVP race is no contest is not just biased but stupid. Eklof should give up writing about football and comment on Tom Brady's personal life because he is clearly in love with Tom Brady. Then maybe he can update everybody on what Tom Brady is having for dinner and when he'll take his next dump. Maybe Eklof can write an article like this to provide Tom Brady with some toilet paper to use.

Eklof you have been Duked. Good day sir!

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