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New York Jets coach Rex Ryan is in elite company after news broke of he and his wife being involved in a foot fetish video where his wife shows off her feet and the camerman (obviously Rex Ryan's voice) comments on how pretty they are and that he wants to smell them. Thanks to his wife Michelle Ryan's ihaveprettyfeet Youtube account, her husband is embroiled in a mess only screenwriters can dream of.

Former Indianapolis Colts coach Jim Mora was known for his vibrant press conferences. Former Eagles coach Ray Rhodes was the master of the F-bomb. Andy Reid is the master of saying absolutely nothing while having two kids hopped up on heroin.

But, none of these coaches can lay claim to being wrapped up in a seedy foot fetish video.

Rex Ryan isn't just a loud mouth NFL coach on an NFL franchise any longer. He's a Super Freak. The Rex Ryan Foot Fetish Video is an instant classic. It will sit alongside such classics like Star Wars Kid, Double Rainbow Guy, and Bed Intruder.

Sorry Rex Ryan, the foot fetish video you and your wife Michelle created isn't a personal matter - it's a public matter for all of us to enjoy! Here is an actual Youtube video of the Rex Ryan/Michelle Ryan Foot Fetish masterpiece. It's not some horsebleep "link" video. Check out all 2 minutes and 17 seconds of this masterpiece!

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