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When Michael Vick was asked yesterday who should be the MVP of the league he naturally said himself.

Eagles and Michael Vick haters will point to this as arrogance on his part, but what is the big deal? Do you expect him be political and say "he's OK with whoever wins." He's being brutally honest and telling it like it is.

He is and should be the MVP of the league. While Tom Brady is enjoying an MVP-caliber season (and not to take anything away from him) he has a much better offensive line. This is the tipping point in my MVP analysis. Tom Brady has been sacked 24 times in 14 starts, which is good for 7th best in the league. The past 3 games their line has faltered (yielding 9 total sacks) so in actuality he played much of the year with his offensive line playing at an elite level. Take away those 3 games and Brady was only sacked 15 times in 11 games!

Michael Vick on the other hand has been sacked 28 times in just 11 starts. When you measure this fact, Brady gets sacked less than twice a game. Vick runs for his life on many plays and is sacked at a rate of nearly 3 times per game. He surely knows this and is taking the high road by not throwing his offensive line under the bus. While Vick has the elite offensive weapons, it is remarkable how well he is playing with a less-than-average offensive line.

It's a close call, but Michael Vick has nearly 3,400 yards in total offense and 28 total TDs. Michael Vick is right on when he says he should be the MVP. Michael Vick haters be damned. 

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