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Benjamin Millepied, the Black Swan co-star of Natalie Portman was just another Hollywood-hopeful yesterday trying to reach the big time. He is a trained ballet dancer and worked with Natalie Portman on the Black Swan movie, serving as her coach.

Today a bombshell in the form of an engagement and pregnancy announcement by Natalie Portman all but sealed his fate as being at the center of the gossip universe.

Natalie Portman announced today that she and Millepied are engaged and that he knocked her up. Benjamin Millepied's last name is pronounced Mill-pee-yeh (not millipede) for those of who were curious if it was pronounced like the black, disgusting arthropod. 

It's not very often that a big-time celebrity announces they are engaged and pregnant in the same day. Call Natalie Portman a trend-setter.

Congratulations Millepied. You and Natalie Portman will probably be divorced within a year or two like most celebrities, but enjoy the ride while it lasts.

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