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When "Justin Timberlake dead" came up as one of Google's hottest trends, that was the final straw for this writer.

Although (as we all know), death can obviously occur without warning, Timberlake's "death" is just one of the latest celebrity death hoaxes on Twitter that were lame before they even started.

Who actually believes this crap? With the exception of Aretha Frankin, who is battling pancreatic cancer, and Charlie Sheen (who always seems to be flirting with death on occasion), everyone else on this list (Bill Cosby, Owen Wilson, Kim Kardashian, Adam Sandler, Lady GaGa, etc.) are no more dead than the person writing this.

If the person who starts this crap is (by some slimmer than slim chance) reading this, PLEASE stop with this nonsense? It was never funny.

Now there's even a rumor that the man who started all of these hoaxes has been found dead.

Whether that's a rumor or not, THAT would be ironic.