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New York Knicks players who stayed at Oklahoma City's Skirvin Hotel are claiming they hear the ghost of a crying baby at night known as the Skirivn Crying Baby. It was so disconcerting that Eddy Curry had to sleep in Nate Robinson's room. Although with how much money Eddy Curry stole from the Knicks he should be watching out for a hitman hired by Knicks Owner James Dolan.

Legend has it that a mother jumped out of a 10th floor window of the hotel with her baby in her arms in the 1930's. Apparently the baby ghost haunts The Skirvin to this day.

This haunted incident calls for the TAPS team led by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. Hawes and Wilson are the guys behind the show Ghosthunters which has been on the SyFy Network (formerly Sci-Fi) since 2004. It would be a great investigation plus they could maybe work in a couple of the Knicks players into the investigation.

That would make for Must-See TV.

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