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Lottery-winner hopefuls all across the region and several states are forking over their hard-earned dollars in hopes of winning tonight's Mega Millions Lottery.

The "Idiot Tax" as I call it is a complete waste of time, but millions of people insist on spending money on lotteries in this country. And, when a lottery prize (usually twice a year) reaches an insane figure, all hell breaks loose. In this case the pot has gone through the roof since there hasn't been a winter since November.

It never ceases to amaze me the types of people who play the lottery and insist on telling you their master plan for what they'll do with that money if they win. Really, who the hell cares? It's an exercise in futilty and you're wasting yours and my time by even divulging your sick fantasy to me.

The Mega Millions is up to $330 million and the odds are 1 in over 100 million of winning it. But, millions of people are still going to spend money on the "Idiot Tax" hoping for the grand prize.

You'd be better off lighting that dollar bill on fire once you're disappointed to find out some old couple in Podunk, Illinois won the money.

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