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Congratulations Philadelphia Schools. You have reached a new low today thanks to a bunch of female gang members who felt the need to videotape their fight at Edison High School in the Hunting Park section of Philadelphia. As if that wasn't bad enough they released it on Youtube to show the world.

These bottom feeding hoodlums are the latest example of why Philadelphia especially it's schools get the bad rap they do.

Below is a video of the disgusting violence which took place at Edison High School. You'll clearly see a couple of these thugs pummeling a fellow student.


No wonder why the United States ranks so low compared to other nations in the education department. Bottom feeding miscreants like these only pollute their fellow students who actually do care to get an education,  while also bringing down the rest of the HUMAN RACE. They have a term for people like this; hoodrats.

Congratulations hoodrats, you have not only contaminated another high school, but you have given Philadelphia a black eye.  Hopefully the authortiies make an example of them and send them to the worst prison imaginable. People like these don't deserve an education or even a right to exist within society.

If you are an opponent of the human race or are perhaps just disagree with anything I said, drop me a line at theduke0000@yahoo.com