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Elvis Presley  would have turned 76 years old today. If he hadn’t passed away in 1977, who knows HOW long Presley would have stayed in the music industry or what he would be up to at this time. It makes for interesting discussion for sure. And although the circumstances surrounding his death have sparked decades of rumors whether he is indeed still alive, chances are “The King” is truly gone.

Yet Elvis is STILL raking in the big bucks! This awesome site lets you know exactly HOW much money Elvis makes as you SPEAK!

In 2010, Presley’s estate brought in $60 million. With admissions to Graceland, which opened up in 1982, Presley’s estate brings in a reported $27 there alone!   

So while Elvis himself is longer here, he legacy and music will live on.

I still can’t get over someone making $60 million a year when they are dead!