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In his 45 years with the Gloucester Country Times, South Jersey legend Bob Shryock has covered just about everything and everyone in relation to the Tri-State Area. He even did a piece on Philly2Philly as it launched in 2009!
So it it only fitting that the good people of South Jersey turn the tables on him.

In recognition for his outstanding work in the area over almost half a century, a dinner for Bob will be held at Auletto's in Woodbury, NJ  on Friday, January 21st.

Broadcasting legend Dan Baker of the Phillies and Eagles, was primarily in charge for getting the ball rolling for the event.

“I think he could be the most beloved man in Gloucester County,” Baker says. “You’d have to look very hard to find someone who didn’t like him. He can be objective, but can make a statement without being offensive.”

“Bob is an outstanding writer. I’m very familiar with sports writers around the country, and Bob’s skills are right there with the big timers and a lot of others feel the same way. In one way or another, he’s practically touched the lives of every resident in the area. Bob’s written about so many great people and has this terrific ability to capture these moments of humanity. He can bring it to your consciousness and appreciate life’s precious moments no matter what the subject matter is. I think we could all relate to him."

“Bob’s been kind enough to write about myself as well as volunteer work my wife Cathy has done. We’re over 300 tickets sold for this dinner and we’re hoping for many more. Tickets are only $45.”

Most of the proceeds from the event will be divided among three charities: The United Way of Gloucester County, the Underwood-Memorial Hospital Foundation  and the Parkinson's Research Foundation.

For more info, read below. Tickets are still available!