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The bitter taste from this loss hasn’t left yet. And when it is gone, all I will have left is anger and frustration from yet another failed season of Eagles football. And while this season has been beyond my expectations as to what I thought would happen, the same problems with an Andy Reid coached team have crept up again. It is getting to the point that I can’t stand it anymore.

So I will start my hate at the top with Owner Jeffrey Lurie and work my way down:

Jeffrey, may I call you that? Because being formal at this point with a Mr. would be doing a disservice to myself. You don’t deserve that. You aren’t one of us and you never will be. This team is nothing more then a toy to you, an investment that is rewarding you handsomely. You are an outsider that would probably much rather own your hometown team. The only smart thing you did all year was to honor the champions of our past and bring the best looking uniforms in the league back, but then you dropped the ball and went back to the midnight green. Here is a suggestion, the people that have allowed you to make hundreds of millions of dollars kinda like the kelly green and want it back.

The one question I would love to ask you at this point is what is more important to you? Being this eco-trend setter with your carbon neutral stadium (which is a wonderful thing) who is all about giving people second chances and being the gold standard of the league.....OOOOOOOOOR being nothing more then a step above “competitive”? Because at this point every fan that lives and dies for this team knows you could give a damn if we ever win a Super Bowl. And why should you? You have a filled stadium, and 75,000 people people waiting for tickets, AND with about 50,000 of those people knowing they will never get season tickets. Why should you care to be anything more then “competitive," to put the best and brightest coaches and football minds in the positions to make smart football decisions.

Joe Banner, if the owner doesn’t care enough to make any changes, can you do something about this mess of a team? Actually, I really like football, and watch alot of it too...I think I would be a great talent evaluator, well as good as the accountant you have doing it now. I could be a great GM, I just need a shot at it, and I think the Eagles would be a great start, the people in the front office rarely are held accountable for the blunders they make, like drafting an undersized DE (Brandon Graham) instead of someone like Earl Thomas..........

Andy, what a wild ride it has been. You have won more games then any other Eagles coach, brought us a ton of playoff wins, but you have never fully grasped what you need to do to bring this team to that next level. It seems every year you break camp with a team with glaring holes in it....From the early Donnie years where a couple random fans would have as much business being on the field as Pinkston and Thrash, to the returner debacle, to this years double whammy.....Who needs talent in the trenches... we have fastballs.

And speaking of these fastballs Andy is so fond of drafting, they aren’t working!  When you draft high motor undersized defensive players you are hoping to strike gold, but outside of Trent Cole that formula hasn’t worked. Adapt, learn (I could barely type that without laughing) and try something that most of the winning teams are doing and that is getting very large angry dudes that don’t get blown off the line. Look at the teams with dominant lines and they can rush 4 and get to the QB, or at least cause mayhem on the line and force the QB to scramble and possibly make a mistake. If we had these mythically large angry DT’s then maybe Trent Cole wouldn’t be doubled up on every play and thus rendered ineffective.

We need warriors on both lines Andy, guys that want to hurt the other team, to impose the collective will of the team on them. And you know what else might help with that? Running the damn ball more then 13 times in a game! You did manage to draft a pretty good running back (LeSean McCoy), how about using him and forcing the defense to chase him around, instead of letting them pin there ears back and take shot after shot at Vick. And seriously, it took you this long to realize Winston Justice was a wasted pick? 12 years and you still haven’t grasped the whole “you might need time-out’s at the end of the game” either, huh? Sign some impact players in the offseason, stop trading draft picks for the next year and get some guys in the team that can take the team to the next level, and for God sakes can you please get rid of Sean McDermott and get someone in here who doesn’t look overwhelmed?

And while we are speaking of him, playing for turnovers is a failed way to play defense. Turnovers are great and can turn a game in a instant, but if you don’t get them....You get carved up by a rookie running back nobody heard of before. I know this might be a foreign concept but wrapping your man up and stopping him are much more fundamental to playing defense then trying to have a highlight hit. And while we are talking about tackling, wrap your man up and bring him to the damn ground....NOT run with him for 10 yards while you are trying to strip him of the football, because if you don’t, you just gift wrapped the team those 10 yards they don’t have to fight for. And while I feel for you with not getting a ton of talent on your defense, teams with less then 3-4 wins a year have had better red-zone defenses then you and at some point McDermott should be held accountable for that, and by that I mean....FIRED- not shuffled to some other coaching position he can under-perform on next season.

And how can you never get pressure with your line? Bringing 4 is just a waste cause they can’t get it done because they are too damn small. And when you blitz, it opens up a huge bubble in the secondary because you still can’t get to the QB. When you have a team that is yards away from the end-zone, giving the teams receivers a huge cushion is really dumb because by the time our players can react to the play, the team has already scored before they can put a helmet on them. I know I’m sick of seeing arm tackles or guys just whiffing on tackles, you would think at some point McDermott would try to work on that with his players, they may not be good but come on they haven’t gotten better under him and they commit a ton of penalties. However, so does the offense and Andy never does anything about it, so why should we expect his coaches to do anything about it either?

And last but not least, Marty...I have already mentioned we have this really good guy on offense, he does this thing called running with the football. It is really effective at getting a team to back off or at least re-think what they are doing. But who am I? Just some random angry fan. I mean if we actually ran the ball more then 13 times we probably wouldn’t have eventually found a crease and stuck the Packers for a big gain. And it most certainly wouldn’t have helped the line not just let guys streak by them to crush Vick time after time all game.

It was a miracle that the team got this far, and if this team is really wants to win and not just be “competitive,” they need to go and get another playmaker or 3 on defense. Someone like Nnamdi Asomugha would really help the line by putting another threat to take a ball away from the offense, but that would require the team to really go out and spend money.

And the last time they did that they went to the Superbowl. Go figure.