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Sarah Palin has topped herself once again. Last year she redefined butchering the English language by coining the word "refudiate." Today she unleashed her latest ingenius phrase known as "Blood Libel."

And, she's already taking heat for it - righfully so.

Sarah Palin has fired back against critics who blamed her for inspiring Jared Loughner to go on a shooting spree in Tucson Saturday, which claimed the lives of six people and nearly resulted in Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords' death.

Today Sarah Palin has accused the evil, leftist crtiics (including myself) of "blood libel" by likening her so-called "Hit List" to a marching order of violence against Democrats. She brought this all on herself mind you by saying "we need to reload" in several speeches and putting images of TARGETS on a map with Democrats' names tied to each target!

And, now Palin looks like the imbecile she is, by using a phrase (Blood libel) which is associated with the Holocaust and suffering of Jews.

The phrase blood libel points to an often distorted and lethally misused passage about Jews and the crucifixion of Christ in Matthew 27:25.

Palin who is trying to play the role of victim is no more a victim than Jesse Jackson is a legit leader. She is so poor at PR it's comical.

To quote the Guiness commercial, "BRILLIANT."

Sarah Palin you never cease to impress us with your idiotic choice of words. Congrats once again.

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