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Carmelo Anthony is the latest bitchy, whiney NBA superstar to further prove what an embarrasment professional sports is becoming. Year after year, more and more of these overpaid children show their true colors and prove how the connection between fan and player is all but gone.

Carmelo Anthony did an interview on ESPN and complained about how he hasn't been able to sleep since Thanksgiving because of this trade saga involving the New York Knicks over the past two months. Sorry, but I'll feel bad for you if you lose your house or your job like millions of other Americans. Cry me a river "Melo." May I call you that? You're getting paid tens of millions of dollars to play a friggin game and go up and down a court and put a ball in a basket. Tell that sob story to the guy climbing up electrical polls for 40-grand a year to support his family.

This wasn't the worst part of the interview though. ESPN's "reporter" Colleen Dominguez asked Carmelo Anthony about what it would be like to "go back home" and play. And, Carmelo Anthony said it would be a dream come true to go back home and play for either the New York Knicks of the Brooklyn Nets - whenever the hell they finally decide to move there.

The biggest joke in all of this is that Carmelo Anthony moved to BALTIMORE with his family when he was eight years old. Sure, he spent his early childhood years in New York, but he spent the MAJORITY of his life before going to Syracuse. In fact, Anthony graduated from Oak Hill Academy in Virginia after becoming a superstar in BALTIMORE during high school.

You see where I'm going with this? Of course you joksters out there who defend these overpaid children at all costs will call me a playa hata. So be it, but let's tell it like it is shall we?

If Carmelo Anthony really wanted to "go back home" he would play for the friggin Washington Wizards. Why won't he play for the Washington Wizards? Because they're not a "big market" team like New York. He wants to defect to the Knicks so fellow overpaid children like Chris Paul can join him there and form another so-called "alliance" like the one in Miami with LeBron James and Chris Bosh, a couple other overpaid NBA faux superstars.

Wilt Chamberlain, John Wooden, and other men with honor must be rolling in their graves. My, what a joke the NBA has become. It is about as legit as the WWE.

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