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Maybe it's time we give Guantanamo Bay a second chance. Gangs like the Bloods and the Crips are infecting neighborhoods throughout the United States like the bubonic plague. Officer Christopher Matlosz, of Lakewood New Jersey was a victim of a member of the Bloods - 19-year-old Jahmell W. Crockam, who shot the officer 3 times at point blank range.

Crockham was questioned by the officer on a routine stop Friday afternoon and then proceeded to step back and fire three shots at Matlosz. Crockham was arrested early Sunday morning without incident.

Now, The Bloods are said to be pretty pissed about this development and looking to send a message to police over this incident (doing their jobs to protect the public) by putting a bounty out on New Jersey cops. This by definition is terrorism. The Bloods, who are mass murderers and drug dealers by trade have basically admitted they are willing to assassinate police officers because one of their own has been caught. According to a source, leadership of the Bloods gang reacted to the dragnet that police initially put out to find Crockam following the Friday murder of Lakewood N.J. officer Christopher Matlosz.

What's really sad is that Crockham's neighbors referred to him as "Sav" for Savage. A 19-year-old thug like this was allowed to roam the streets. And, there are thousands of other animals like Crockham who terrorize American citizens on a daily basis.

The State Department should declare they are a terrorist organization and open up Guantanamo Bay once again. Maybe Crockham should be made an example of as well. A public firing squad would be in order for this piece of excrement.

It's too bad that the United States has to cave into bleeding heart liberals and abide by "human rights" when it comes to putting down heinous murderers. Human rights go out the window with terrorist organizations like "The Bloods." So, why should the United States play by their rules any longer?

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