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Rush Limbaugh has done it again. This time he has reached another low by exploiting Martin Luther King Jr. Day on his blog to attack political opponents.

Limbaugh should never be confused with someone who has any level of objectivity or integrity, but this is flat out disgusting. On his blog "honors" Martin Luther King Day by vomiting the following statements:

"It's Martin Luther King Day today. I wish somebody would've reminded me, I would've taken the day off. Do you realize they're gonna accuse me of being a racist for showing up to work today?"       

"Now, this Tucson guy who threatened a tea partier, Eric Fuller, is getting a mental evaluation... and yet Frank Rich and Paul Krugman and Matt Bai of the New York Times are all walking around free."     

"How could Obama sit in a pew in Reverend Wright's church, listen to the rantings of Reverend Wright for 20 years, and not demand he get a mental evaluation?"     

"The Democrats want to do what Hugo Chavez has done in Venezuela. They want to make it a crime to complain about government policy. Actually, they've been trying to criminalize political differences for as long as I've been doing this program, but now they're brazen about it."     

"The media is attacking you, too, when they say this stuff. They're saying that you are all capable of doing what Jared Loughner did because you listen to this show."     "What people remember about the Tucson memorial is not what Obama said. They remember the atmospherics, they remember the cheering, and they remember the pep rally feeling that a supposedly somber memorial had."     

"Folks, have you ever noticed how the push for civility is in inverse proportion to how well the Democrats think that they are winning the national debate?"     

"To the left, civility does not mean that we tone it down. Civility does not mean that we act polite. Civility does not mean that we do an NPR impression. Civility means we shut up."   

 "What right does the government have to tell an industry how much of its revenue it must spend on anything? Telling them that they must devote 80% of their profits to X? Obama has no right to do that. It's totally unconstitutional."     

"Oklahoma City was not the first time a president tried to personally blame me for an event like this, and each time what gives me strength is knowing that you all don't buy it."

What the hell does Hugo Chavez have to do with Martin Luther King Day? And, why bring up the fact that if DON'T show up for work "they'll accuse you of being a racist?" Just who is "they?"

Only a scumbag like Limbaugh would exploit Martin Luther King Day to spew his hate speech. Limbaugh, who is as racist as they come just makes himself look like a complete fool with excrement like this.

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