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Carson Palmer cannot take it any longer in Cincinnati and is demanding a trade from the Bengals and even threatening to retire if he doesn't get his way. According to ESPN, Palmer has become "bengalized", which is the act of growing unhappy after suffering through seasons of losing as a member of the Bengals.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, the speculation is beginning as to where Palmer will land next season. One blog has dispelled Seattle as being a possible destination since signing Matt Hasselbeck will be their top priority.

Mark it down - the Washington Redskins will go after Palmer. Their M.O. every year is to make a big move. Usually their moves blow up in their faces like an M80 on July 4th, but you can count on Daniel Snyder making some outrageous move this offseason.

Donovan McNabb was a terrible acquisition and will no longer be on the team. Look for the Redskins to cut him as soon as possible.Therefore, Snyder will get the itch to get another big-name QB. The stars are aligned perfectly now that Carson Palmer wants to go somewhere else-anywhere else as long as he gets the hell out of dodge.

Washington Redskins fans, say hello to your new signal caller, the former #1 overall pick Carson Palmer who hasn't been the same player since he got injured in the playoffs on a dirty hit by Steelers defensive tackle Kim Von Oelhoffen.

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