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When I heard that homeless man-turned Internet sensation Ted Williams left rehab on Tuesday after less than two weeks, I was not the least bit surprised.Ted Williams leaves rehab after only 12 days.

Sometimes, addicts fight and defeat their inner demons. Other times they don’t, and their demise is not anything we want to experience first hand.

Let’s not kid ourselves here. We have all been affected by somebody in our lives who has dealt with the problem of addiction.

Drugs were a major part in the demise of my band several years ago. The same band that was on the verge of possibly getting signed to an indie label if we played our cards right. At first, I was very sensitive to the issues my bandmate was having. However, he turned out to be nothing but a selfish bastard who only cared about his pills. He hurt people, used others, endangered their safety, and lied to everyone who entered his life no matter who tried to help, so I washed my hands of him. We eventually kicked him out of the band, but the damage was beyond repair and there was no going back, for him or for the band.

In order to get better, addicts have to WANT to get better. You can lead the horse to water, but if you stick its head in the water and they don’t drink, they drown.

Ted Williams doesn’t want to get better, or at least it doesn't look that way.

It’s a very sad feeling walking in the city during the middle of winter and seeing homeless people sleep under heaters. I could only imagine being out there in the middle of a blizzard. I understand some people in life have been dealt a bad hand. It can happen very easily. Truth be told, a couple wrong decisions here and there over the last five years and I could have been one of those people. In saying that, there are more cases than not where homeless people choose to be homeless.  

Up until several weeks ago, Williams was the feel-good story of 2011: The man on the streets of Ohio with a miraculous baritone voice is rescued from the depths of despair. MSNBC and Kraft Foods hired him, the Cleveland Cavaliers wanted to hire him (Now I’ve been doing voice-overs for a while now. And believe me, offers like that don’t just fall out of the sky),he hits the late night talk show circuit. Hollywood is in a scramble, hoping to buy the rights for the movie script of this fairy tale.

This is your life, Ted Williams!

Unfortunately, if something seems to good to be true, it usually isn’t. We soon found out about Williams’ past life rather quickly. The warning signs began on The Today Show, when Williams was reunited with his mother, whom he hadn’t seen in over a decade. It was not the tearful reunion everyone expected. In fact, it was rather one-sided, with Williams quite happy, and his mother quite disappointed in him that his life had even gotten to this point.

Then, Williams was arrested in Los Angeles  for having a fight with his daughter. Days later, he appeared on Dr. Phil  with his family, and was headed off to rehab at the end of the episode.

So much for that feel good story.

Who knows? Maybe the pressure of his new found fame was too much for Williams to handle and he fell off the wagon again. That could very well be the case. In saying that, is only 12 days of rehab enough for Williams?

I must admit, I was completely rooting for Williams to succeed at his second chance in life. Anyone who knows me understands my soft spot for underdogs.

Then I watched the viral video, and when I heard “And then alcohol, drugs, and a few other things became part of my life” come out of Williams' mouth, I got very skeptical. Those “other things” Williams is referring to are probably the crack whores he was chasing on the streets after he ditched his nine children.


Then I watched Williams on Dr. Phil, and my worst fears were confirmed. It’s hard for me to root for someone like that to begin with, and it’s even harder after they botch a second chance like Williams has (at least at this point and time).

For his sake, I hope Ted Williams finds his way to a happy, successful, and most importantly sober life.

However, I will not be suckered again by him, and neither should the public.

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