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John Bolaris is well known in Philadelphia. Heck, he's a legend. He's as much a part of the Philadelphia news scene as Roy Halladay is a part of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Bolaris (for those of you outside Philly) does the weather on Fox 29. He has officially made it "big time" if you get my drift. When he was covering the snow storm in the Philadelphia region yesterday, he outlined on his weather map which areas would be hardest hit by the storm. And it just so happened the drawing looked like a gigantic penis.

Bolaris had no idea this image was making the rounds until he called into 93.3 WMMR's Preston and Steve Show this morning. They broke the news to him about his phallus-like drawing. And, he was shocked, but was a good sport about it.

john bolaris phallus drawing

John Bolaris' drawing made the rounds all over the web and has gone viral. His image was posted on Deadspin, The Daily What and covered on Huffington Post.

Now, that's going BIG TIME!

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