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The 2011 Wing Bowl, hosted by 610 WIP marked the return of the legendary El Wingador. Bill Simmons was a 5-time winner of Wing Bowl, but stayed out of the event for a few years.

Simmons would not hit paydirt in his return. Jonathan 'Super' Squib was the winner of the 2011 Wing Bowl, setting a Wing Bowl record by eating 255 wings. According to CBS News, that is equivalent to 40,000 calories!

Bill Simmons last competed in the 610 WIP Wing Bowl three years ago. Check out our exclusive interview with Simmons, by Philly2Philly's Joe Vallee.

Joanathan Squib, is a 25-year-old accountant.

Wing Bowl 2012 should be even better, as legendary hotdog champ Takeru Kobayashi said he plans on competing. Today Kobayashi downed a Philly cheesesteak in 24 seconds at Wing Bowl in an exhibition.

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