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When I first heard that Deion Sanders was inducted into the 2011 NFL Hall of Fame class, my first thought was "great - we'll get to hear this idiot speak again."

Don't get me wrong, Deion Sanders was a great cornerback and among one of the greatest "shut-down corners" in NFL history. But, the guy is a flat out idiot and completely in love with himself. He is easily the worst commentator on TV and rivals Emmitt Smith for the worst EVER.

He is clueless when it comes to analysis. Why the NFL Network continues to run this clown out there is beyond me. And, his bias against Philadelphia fans borders on insane. I'll never forget when this moron spoke to Donovan McNabb after the Eagles' defeat of the Arizona Cardinals on Thanksgiving back in 2008. Deion Sanders made it a point to destroy the Philly fans for bashing Donovan and rubbed it in their faces after McNabb won a so-called big game against the Cardinals.

"Can I tell them something for you?" he said [to McNabb]. "First of all, I would like to tell all these idiotic fans to shut up. Don't get on his bandwagon now. You're the same guys who booed him on his first incompletion."

Of course, McNabb didn't come to the Eagles fans' defense because it's obvious he hated the Philadelphia fans as well. Where was this idiot when McNabb choked against this same Cardinals team two months later in a game, which really mattered - the NFC Championship.

Deion also trashed the NFL.com's Top 100 list because he was ONLY ranked 34th.

Give this clown a microphone and he makes an ass out of himself. We'll get to hear him make an ass out of himself in August at the NFL Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

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