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Groupon is getting a lot of flak today for their foolish Super Bowl Tibet commercial, but lost in the shuffle is the sexism from last night's superbowl commercials. If there's one thing to take away from last night's Super Bowl commercials, it's that many of them were insulting to men. Basically corporations like Go Daddy, Anheiser Busch, and Pepsi view you as a walking penis with a wallet.

One highly offensive commercial was Pepsi's "first date" commercial which featured a man and woman on a first date and the inner dialogue. The guy basically wispers in his mind, "I want to sleep with her" over and her while she says "I wonder how much money he makes." Congrats Pepsi for putting out a steaming pile of dog crap, which paints men like we're sexist creatures.

Next up we have another Pepsi ad featuring a black couple sitting on a bench. The boyfriend stares at a blonde woman and the girlfriend gets angry, throws a soda and hits the girl in the head. Again, they apparently think men just think about one thing. Great job Pepsi...NOT.

And, what's a Super Bowl without another Go Daddy superbowl commercial which trots women out there dressed like prostitutes? Again Go Daddy went this route. If you are too stupid to understand it, then you are Go Daddy's perfect customer - a horny troglodyte.

Let's not forget how many absolutely stupid beer commercials there were. The one with the beer in the kitchen takes the cake. Anheiser Busch doesn't have much respect for the male demo either.

Last year, the Washington City Paper wrote an excellent article about superbowl commercials, which are sexist, homophobic, and even racist. It appears this year is just as bad, if not worse.

Super Bowl ads seem get dumbed down more and more each year. Clearly these corporations don't have much respect for men in this country. They think if you're watching the Super Bowl, you're a horny, bottom-feeding jock with your mind in one place.

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