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We can check Christina Aguilera's name off the list of celebrities whom we would never suspect of getting in trouble. Christina Aguilera was arrested for public intoxication this morning.

According to MTV.com Aguilera and her boyfriend were pulled over around 2:45 A.M. this morning when police suspected he was driving under the influence. Police determined that Aguilera was so drunk that she couldn't take care of herself and she was arrested on suspicion of public drunkeness. According to TMZ.com Christina Aguilera "hit the deck" after she was arrested.

Aguilera was booked into the West Hollywood sheriff's station and then released on $250 bail. An arrest report stated that her boyfriend Matthew Rutler was also booked on a misdemeanor charge of suspicion of driving under the influence at the West Hollywood station, with bail set at $30,000.

An anonymous source told TMZ that if "the driver (Rutler) had NOT been arrested for DUI, [Christina] would have never been in trouble." Another unnamed source allegedly close to the singer told the site that her confidants have been trying to get the performer into a rehab facility for several weeks.

Aguilera has always been edgy with her style, but she was never perceived to be a "bad girl" and kept herself out of trouble.

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