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For YEARS, John Travolta has turned down requests to reunite with his former Welcome Back, Kotter costars at the TV Land Awards. The show will receive an award commemorating the shows 35th anniversary at this year's ceremony.

It seems however, that Travolta has had a change of heart, and is scheduled to appear at the awards show next month in New York City.

Only problem now is, their teacher and a Sweathog might be no-shows.

Neither Gabe Kaplan,  now the former host of High Stakes Poker and the title character of the popular 1970’s comedy, or Robert Hegyes (a Rowan University alum by the way), who played Epstein on the series, are listed as scheduled guests at the event.

This is reminiscent of last year, when Kate Jackson was a no-show and Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd were the two representatives of Charlie’s Angels.

Maybe Travolta’s schedule was open. Maybe he realized “Ah, what the hell. Why not?” and decided to grace the cast with his presence. Above all else, maybe he realized he owed his CAREER to ‘Kotter,’ a show he basically left in 1978 because his career was on fire.  The show was soon cancelled after his departure.

But come on, guys! If Marcia Strassman (Mrs Kotter), who has battled a deadly form of cancer for years can make a valiant effort to be there, maybe you can pay homage to what started your careers and make the cast, and most importantly the fans, happy.

Press releases have stated that “more guests are scheduled to be announced,” so let’s hope it includes the two of them.

If not, then “Up their nose with a rubber hose!!”