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The Discovery Ministries Retreat program was started in 1974. The Discovery Retreat House was acquired and first renovated in 1978. Since then over 30,000 youth, young adults and family members have participated in weekend retreats that have helped them grow, pursue their dreams and develop their God given talents and gifts more fully. To say that these experiences have included a few miracles of hope and healing is an understatement!

At present we are in the midst of reconstructing our Discovery House and we are very fortunate that Mark Forrest, International Irish Tenor, will be with us on Saint Patrick’s Evening, March 17 for a special concert to help us raise funds for the Discovery House project. The concert will be held at Saint Agnes Church in Blackwood, New Jersey.

Your support would be so much appreciated. Tickets for the event are available for a donation of $25.00 per person. Please contact Doris Cunningham for tickets at 856-854-4335.

We will also offer the opportunity for individuals and businesses to purchase ads for our program booklet. Listed below are the types of ads and sponsorships that will be offered in our 5x7 booklets:

Platinum – full page & 4 complimentary concert tickets $500.00
Gold – ½ page & 2 complimentary concert tickets $300.00
Silver – ¼ page & 1 complimentary concert ticket $150.00
Boosters – Name listed in program - $25.00


Please contact Scott or Kathy Woodside regarding ad booklet information @ LTSDANZ@verizon.net or by phone @ 856-881-7459. Or simply mail the form below with a check made payable to “Discovery Ministries ”.

God Bless
Msgr. Michael T. Mannion