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Many people throughout the United States are living and are affected by Multiple Sclerosis.On Sunday, May 1st, The National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Greater Delaware Valley Chapter  is looking for your help in increasing the awareness of MS and your help to eliminate it.  Individuals have been coming together throughout the US to participate in fundraising walks to raise money to help create a world free of MS.

This year, Philadelphia will be adding a brand new MS fundraising event. Zumba is taking over the city. And more specifically, the Philadelphia Art Museum steps.

In the tradition of Rocky, 33 Zumba instructors are leading their teams to fight MS, rocking out the art museum steps.

On Sunday May 1st, hundreds of Zumba fanatics will be dancing to create a world free of MS- Zumba style.

Zumba enthusiasts are registered for thirty three teams, which amounts to about 350 people to be part of this history in the making. The event is happening simultaneously with the MS Walk.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Greater Delaware Valley Chapter  is looking for your help in increasing the awareness of MS and your help to eliminate it.

“MS is a disease that needs as much support as possible,” says local Zumba instructor Lauren Cardonick. “I couldn't imagine what people go through when someone close to them is suffering from MS. Some of my Zumba students have family members and friends with MS and it is important to me to be able to give them my support. What better way than to Zumba with these students on the Philadelphia Art Museum steps where Rocky made his history, and have a new tradition to continue to raise awareness for MS.”

Cardonick, the team captain for Zumba Phanatics, gives much praise to Kimberly Stoeckley, a certified Zumba instructor, employee of the MS Society, and team captain of Team Salvaje.

“Kim came up with the idea for the Zumbathon at last year’s walk at the Art Museum.  She was helping out with the MS Walk as an employee. And then the music started playing.  She was just looking at the Art Museum steps thinking that this would be a great place for a huge Zumbathon.  Kim ran the idea by development and they told her to run with it. From there, she reached out to Instructor, Marianne Giosa, captain of Team Zumba Mama's, who hand-picked Zumba Instructors who she believed would fight to prevent the disease and raise awareness as a whole.

In fact, Stoeckley believes that the possibilities of expanding Zumbathon is a tremendous possibility.

“We are looking to add Zumbathon to next year’s MS Walk, possibly adding it to additional sites as well, since this has gained national exposure, as adding an adaptive Zumba component for those who need a seated or gentler style.”

If you would like to make a donation and be part of the Zumbathon, please go the National MS Society website at: http://main.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR?pg=teamlist&fr_id=16032

When donating,make sure you specify a team or individual to donate to!  

People can also volunteer with vendors if you’d like to be part of the day. All you need to do is just sign up at the tent.

Zumbathon at Walk 2011

Location: Philadelphia Art Museum
Sunday, May 1, 2011
Registration: 8:00am
Zumbathon: 9:00am