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Unfortunately, Jenn Sterger is back in the news after sitting down with Good Morning America about her "ordeal" over the whole Brett Favre scandal. The interviews will air this week.

Excuse me, but this whole ordeal was brought on by herself and herself alone. She reportedly sold the photos of Brett Favre's junk to a website after she was "frustrated" by the NFL's lack of action against Brett Favre.

Well boo hoo.

I'm surprised Sterger hasn't sued Brett Favre personally yet over this "awful ordeal." And, let's be real here. Brett Favre didn't just send photos of his wang to Sterger unsolicited. There was clearly something going on behind closed doors.

Only in America can a no-talent bimbo like Jenn Sterger get famous and profit from something so sordid.

I won't defend Brett Favre either. His hands are anything but clean. At the least he engaged in some sort of extramarital conduct by texting photos of his wang.

But, Sterger is clearly the gold digger she claims she isn't.

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