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As Americans continue to search for jobs, the Philadelphia market has received good newsJeff Zinser, owner of Right Recruiting in Blue Bell, Pa. that the jobless rates in the Philadelphia suburbs are not reaching as high as the national average.  Chester County’s unemployment rate is the lowest of the suburbs at 5.8% while Bucks and Delaware Counties averages reach the highest of the suburb list at 7.3%.  

On the contrary, Philadelphia County’s unemployment rate comes in at 10.7%, almost 2% above the national rate of 8.8%. Jeff Zinser, owner of Right Recruiting in Blue Bell, Pa., notes that the average is lower in the Philadelphia suburbs because of the large amount of small and mid-sized businesses representing a large amount of varied industries.  Zinser urges those who are looking for jobs to follow up and be aggressive while continually pushing their resume onto employers’ desks.