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Rashard Mendenhall is the latest NFL player to make a fool of himself on Twitter after tweeting about Bin Laden and 9/11 today. First, Mendenhall opined on Twitter about how he finds it disturbing so many people celebrated Osama Bin Laden's death and why there's so much hate for him.

Really? You wonder why there's so much hate for a mass murderer who killed thousands of people? If you even have to ask this, then you're clearly not operating with a full deck.

As if that wasn't a dumb enough statement, this rocket scientist fired off a tweet about how he has a hard time believing a plane could bring down a skyscraper demolition style. Thus, he exposed himself as a 9/11 truther.

Mendenhall has outdone the likes of Santonio Holmes (told a fan to kill himself) and Adrian Peterson (compared the NFL to slavery) with his dumbass tweets. Holmes' tweet was pretty bad because he had the cajones to tell a fan to kill himself on Twitter. But, Adrian Peterson topped Holmes by having the temerity to liken millionaire athletes to slaves. However, Mendenhall's blows both of these idiotic statements out of the water for obvious reasons. Mendenhall should also realize how intertwined sports are with patriotism. That alone should be enough of a deterrent to refrain of such assery. 

He tried to cover his ass by deleting the comments on his Twitter page, but they are already all over the internet. He must be really foolish if he thinks they'll just go away.

Once again another blockhead proves that some professional athletes should keep their opinions to themselves.

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