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Rick Santorum, the former Senator of Pennsylvania is considering running for President. Yep, that’s not a misprint.

While at a dinner in South Carolina last night he won a straw poll over the likes of Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, Donald Trump, and Michele Bachmann. The list reads like a who’s who’s list of birthers and right-wing conspiracy theorists except for Romney who looks like Barack Obama compared to the others in the field.

I guess when you’re lumped in with some of those people anybody can look good. Even a whacko - anti-abortion, anti-gay rights extremist like Santorum who believes in that garbage philosophy otherwise known as intelligent-design.

I still have to laugh when you google “santorum” or “rick santorum” it yields the following goof website  - spreadingsantorum.com. Joke’s on you Ricky!

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