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Religious followers of all sorts are sure to be ticked off about Stephen Hawking's declaration that heaven doesn't exist. But, you know what...he just might be right. Hawking has created quite a debate on the web.

Yours truly doesn't subscribe to the belief in God or heaven myself and personally I don't have a problem if anybody does. It's a free country and you're free to believe in what you will.

But, let's put this little scientific tidbit out there - called The Doppler Effect, which proves the universe was spawned from a Big Bang and is moving away from us.

The Doppler Effect was devised by scientist Christian Doppler in 1842. Doppler learned that sound waves would have a higher frequency if the source was moving toward the observer and a lower freqency if the source was moving away from the observer.

If you want to observe the Doppler Effect - the next time you're waiting for a train...listen. When the train is approaching, the whistle has a higher pitch than normal. You can hear the change in pitch as the train passes. 

On a final note, Hawking stirred up the debate last year by claiming God wasn't needed to create the universe. And, over 60% of the people who voted in a poll agreed with Hawking's recent claims.

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