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Well, say it isn't so. Harold Camping is once again changing course. A day after Harold Camping came out of the woodwork to say he was "flabbergasted" that nothing happened on May 21st (the day he proclaimed Doomsday) he is covering his ass and saying the end of the world will happen in October. Added to that, this multi-millionaire carnival barker is claiming that May 21st was the "invisible judgment day."

You've gotta be (expletive deleted) kidding me.

On the surface, Camping comes off like a crazy S.O.B., but when you dig deeper, he's just a flat out liar and a fraud. Scumbag is a word that comes to my mind. He certainly makes a case for government intervention for religious phanatics who cross the line.

Sure, religion is one of those freedoms which makes America what it is, but enough already. Frauds like Camping hide behind the veil of religious freedom and take advantage of stupid people and ruin their lives. Think of all of the gullible fools who bought this nonsense about the May 21st Judgment Day and who quit their jobs. And, now Camping is trying to lure them in further by stringing them along until October. Not only should Harold Camping be sued, but he should be thrown in jail for his vulgar display of self-serving prognostication.

And, when nothing happens in October, what is this crooked bastard going to do then for an encore? Maybe he'll pull a Marshall Applewhite (the infamous leader of The Heavan's Gate Cult) and do the world a favor and off himself.

One can only hope.

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