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LeBron James sold out and went to Miami because he wanted to win a championship,LeBron James photo: buzzstation.net the Heat were spending, and James pretty much had the whole thing planned along with Chris Bosh.  Do you REALLY think both of them just happened to go to Miami by accident? I'm sure Dwyane Wade had his hands in it, too.

Much to the chagrin of Cleveland Cavaliers nation and non-Miami Heat fans, he is now one step closer to getting his wish.

First off, it’s not like Cleveland was a bottom feeder in the NBA and James just HAD to get out of his home state. The Cavaliers did finish 61-21 in 2009-2010, which was good enough for the best record in the NBA and a second round loss to the Celtics.

James is the epitome of every self-centered athlete. The crap he pulled on that ESPN special last summer set the standard for every free-agent athlete to stick it to cities who come to embrace them as one of their own. Come to think of it, he WAS one of their own. But not anymore. Not ever again.

His decision to go to Miami and build an obnoxious mansion in South Beach  was typical of this generation of athletes who demand instant gratification because they aren’t getting what the want when they want it. What if Dr. J told the Sixers to stick it in the summer of 1982? What if Michael Jordan did the same after Scottie Pippen missed Game 7 of the 1990 Eastern Conference Finals against the Pistons because of a migraine? They stuck it out and were rewarded.

I’m sure if James REALLY wanted to stay in Cleveland to bring the city its first pro championship since Moby Dick was a guppy, he could have sat with Cavs owner Dan Gilbert and talked about what the team needed to do to put the Cavs over the top. Let’s get real here: James had no intention of ever staying in Cleveland. I never thought I’d say this, but I would have LOVED for Kobe Bryant and the Lakers to smoke the Heat in the finals. But evidently, they were watching tapes of Cleveland’s semi finals series last year against Boston for a lesson on how to pull a choke job.

Instead, he and Bosh set a precedant for future NBA stars who will now arrange their contracts with fellow NBA players who can ditch the teams that drafted them to join another team who is looking to buy a championship. Do you think the Sixers have a hope in hell of winning anything now for the next 10 years?

So in closing LeBron, take pride in the fact that you barely beat the upstart Sixers, smoked a beat up and worn down Celtics team, and shut down Derrick Rose, who choked worse than you did last year and the year before to Orlando. Dirk Nowitzki is coming for you, and this time he won’t fold like he did back in 2006.

Worst of all, have some sympathy for Cavaliers fans, as their worst nightmares are unfolding before their very eyes.

But don’t feel too bad: Their baseball team is looking VERY good.

Go Mavs!

Photo: buzzstation.net