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Around 10 P.M. last night scores of Northeast Philadelphia and Bucks County residents reported hearing a loud boom. The mystery boom was so loud that it shook the residents' homes.

Just what was the cause of this mystery boom in Philadelphia? An earthquake. Nope. Not according to the USGS.

How about an underground explosion? Negative. PECO officials checked and reported no damage.

How about a sonic boom? Possibly. Or, even a UFO? Well, let's not get crazy here.

It just may have been a meteor though, which caused the sonic boom.

There was a report earlier in May of a mysterious boom in Virginia, which was likely caused by a meteor. In the evening of Tuesday May 10th, residents across Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Suffolk, Va., dialed 911 to report what sounded what a large explosion. And, a NASA scientist explained that it might have been a meteor. And, the impact of the meteor possibly caused the sonic boom.

The same type of event may have happened in Philly last night.

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