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Liberals are in a frenzy after details emerged about Chris Christie taking a helicopter ride to go see his son's baseball game 70 miles away from Trenton.

God forbid the Governor of New Jersey gets to see his son play a baseball game.

God forbid the Governor of New Jersey uses a helicopter for transportation. Even though he was going on official business AFTER the game, Christie is still under fire.

These same damn liberals would look the other way if Ed Rendell would take a helicopter ride to go see the Eagles play in Pittsburgh. Heck, they would have turned a blind eye if Jon Corzine (one of the worst Governors in New Jersey history) got into a car wreck on the freeway. Oh wait...they did!

Fact of the matter is, the Governor is more important than teachers, labor unions, and regular working people. Something that liberal cannot understand is life isn't fair and some people are more important than others. It's a fact of life. 

Added to that, it's a perk that the Governor gets to ride around in a helicopter and a necessity. The Governor is a busy man and has to be in many places in  one day. This cannot be done by riding in a car.

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