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Former Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress (Phillies cap and all) was released from prison this morning. No sooner did he set foot on Plaxico Burress wearing the Phillies hat. Photo: APAmerican soil was he greeted by his agent Drew Rosenhaus, who has seen dollar signs dancing in his head for months while he awaits this day.

Despite the fact that a felon was walking out of jail wearing an old-school cap of my team I’ve practically spit blood for my entire life, this isn’t something I really minded. In fact, I thought it was pretty cool.
Make no mistake, Plaxico Burress is a total clown for what he did two years ago, but he’s not a thug. He didn’t torture or kill dogs like Michael Vick, he shot himself in a nightclub. To be fair, he endangered the lives of countless human beings that night, and what happened on that fateful evening could have been a lot worse than it was. Burress however, did pay his debt to society, and chances are he has learned his lesson and will never put himself in that situation again.

As soon as the NFL lockout ends, Burress is free to sign with the team of his choice. The Jets are rumored to be pursuing him, but Burress reportedly needs a change of scenery from New York.

Maybe that change of scenery is in Philadelphia. Despite the fact that Burress is most likely reformed, you have to love the irony that the Eagles, who once took great pride in having character players, could possibly be on the verge of signing their second convicted felon in three years. Who knows? Maybe Joe Banner really is disgusted with not having won a Super Bowl and is trying to change the definition of insanity?

When Brandon Jacobs, Burress’ good friend, comes out and says that Burress wants to be an Eagle, where there’s smoke there’s usually fire. Oddly enough, Burress then comes out of jail wearing a Phillies hat. If there is any truth to what we’ve been hearing in the Delaware Valley, Burress wearing an old-school Harold Carmichael jersey probably would have been a dead giveaway, but maybe there is some irony here after all.


If you think however, that Burress can just come and sign with the Eagles, it won’t be that easy. I’m no lawyer, but aren’t convicted felons prohibited to socialize with other convicted felons? Unless you tell Vick and Burress to stay away from each other off the field, but the chances of them never bumping into each other is unrealistic and highly unlikely. It’s a shame if that is the case, but rules are rules. The Eagles could sure use a red zone receiver like Burress, but they also need to sure up there defense at the same time.

Nonetheless, this is all a moot point until the labor situation is resolved, but it’s definately something worth keeping tabs on.

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