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Lenny Dykstra's downard spiral continues. Last July karma caught up to Lenny Dykstra in a big way as he was reportedly homeless after losing millions of his money and other people's money.

Then, there were reports that he was hanging out with Charlie Sheen. And, if you're hanging out with Charlie Sheen - you're bound to get into trouble at some point.

Yesterday, according to TMZ, Lenny Dykstra got arrested and charged with a whopping "23 felony counts and 2 misdemeanors including auto theft, identity theft, and possession of coke and Ecstacy."

This is a far cry for the former so-called investor guru, who was hyped up by legendary Wall Street guru Jim Cramer.  Remember way back in March 2008 before the Economic Collapse when Lenny was on Inside Sports on HBO?

Then there was the story of him losing his shirt when the stock market crashed. Then, there was the story about how he purchased Wayne Gretzky's house for way too much at the "peak" of the housing market.

Just three years later he's completely hit rock bottom. And it couldn't happen to a "better" person. Legend has it that Lenny Dykstra would imitate gassing someone to death when he would fire them. And, it's well documented how he hates Mitch Williams and won't get over 1993.

Now, the chickens have come home to roost Lenny.

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11:11 AM
Fri Jan 4 2013

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