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Philadelphia Flyers Goalie Ilya Bryzgalov spoke to the media today and appeared extremely confident in his role as one of the leaders of this team. Not only has he embraced his role, but he wants to get the job done for the Philadelphia fans.

It's become a running joke in Philadelphia to criticize the Flyers for lacking a top-flight goaltender, which has been absent from this team since the days of Ron Hextall. With the acquisition of Ilya Brzygalov - it provides the Flyers with a goalie who had 15 shutouts over the past two seasons and a GAA in the low 2.00's.

In the conference call today, Bryzgalov was adamant about shouldering the load and taking on the pressure of being the go-to guy who will take this team to it's first Stanley Cup in over 35 years.

"I want to be the guy who can carry this team," Bryzgalov said in a conference call Monday. "I want to help this team win the Stanley Cup because people in Philadelphia and the organization have waited long enough. I want to win the Stanley Cup also and I think we have similar ideas, similar goals. That's why we have to work hard and reach this goal. Pressure … we have to deal with the pressure every way and every day in our lives, hockey, everywhere."

It's great to see the Flyers' prized acquisition embracing his role alread - even though we're nearly 3 months away from the regular season.

While there is certainly a good reason to temper expectations for Philadelphia this season (losing Richards and Carter), the Flyers do have that stud goaltender they have lacked for a long time. And, we have seen time and time again how far they have gone without that key piece.

Brzygalov appears ready to answer the call.

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