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The 2011 MLB All-Star game was tonight. And, once again we were treated to Joe Buck's tired commentary. It seems as though every year the bosses at Fox and MLB tell him to shove it down our throats just how much this game means.

In the 5th inning tonight Buck says, "you really have to manage this game differently" due to its importance. Really? The new rules to the All-Star game were implemented in 2003. Should Joe Buck really be shoving this crap down our throats eight years later?

All throughout the game we were reminded about the importance of this so-called meaningful game by Buck and Tim McCarver.

I think we're well aware that the geniuses in MLB and Fox want us to believe this meaningless All-Star game has meaning by giving home field advantage in the World Series to whichever League wins. This by the way, is one of the stupidest ideas ever conceived by a professional sports league.

It really makes me wonder if Joe Buck is forced to feed us this propaganda. I could see if this change was implemented a few years ago, but do we need to reminded eight years later?

On another note, did anyone catch the shameless Taco Bell plug after lineups were announced early on. Nearly two minutes after that yo-yo Brian Wilson announced the lineup, Joe Buck just had to say "what you witnessed there of course was the Taco Bell lineup." I realize Taco Bell has pimped their product all over the All-Star game, but if you can't whore out Taco Bell right off the bat - don't do it two minutes later. Talk about a violation.

There's your 2011 All-Star Game recap. If MLB is a pimp, then the All-Star game is the call girl.

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