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Many of you have noticed how Ukee Washington from CBS 3 and host of Talk Philly has dropped a few pounds and is looking quite slim and PhillyHealthWatch's Tiffany Bucciarelli with CBS 3's Ukee Washington.energetic these days.  With a childhood history of  athletics, Ukee is very competitive in nature and has a natural drive to keep in shape.

However, life in the fast lane can get the best of most of us and we find ourselves getting a bit sluggish and packing on some unwanted pounds.  When CBS 3 announced a company wide weight loss competition, Ukee’s competitive edge kicked in.  Waking up at 2:30am is not an easy life – especially when working out right when you wake up is the best time to burn the calories.  

Unfortunately, Ukee did not have that advantage… but neither did most of his co-workers at the station.  He also found it challenging to get to the gym on his down time because by the time he got to the gym.. parked.. got dressed… worked out.. showered.. and dressed again, he had to rush back to the station (this fiasco took two hours).  It was just not practical with his busy schedule!  Ukee tells me how his gym membership is a complete waste, “I haven’t been there in years!”

So what exactly is Ukee’s weight loss secret to success?

"Going from 232 pounds to 215 pounds is no easy task" Ukee stated, “I completely changed my diet, no more junk..all the right things..workout 3-4 days a week…Tony Horton elastic bands..walk..and weights. And of course, plenty of water and 6-8 hours of sleep!!!”  Ukee also mentioned to me that recently he has found the importance of stretching and staying limber.  He currently gets stretched by a professional once a week where they full body stretch him and give him a deep muscle massage.

I was very interested in knowing what exactly motivated Ukee to take on such a task and what keeps him motivated to keep the weight off.  Ukee stated, “I was motivated to do this challenge because the station was holding a competition and I thought it was a great way to get me back in shape.  I care about being a leader and I want to set a good example to my peers at the station.”
Just wanted to say thank you to Ukee for being such a great inspiration to all of us and thank you for taking the time for our interview!  We look forward to watching your continued success and supporting your health and wellness goals!  Go to our facebook page to help cheer Ukee on!
PhillyHealthWatch just wants to say… Keep up the good work!

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