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It's official - Casey Anthony has been released from prison as of midnight. As she walked out of the prison she quickly hopped into an SUV, where she was driven away. And, she was met by an angry mob of protestors.

She has already received a few death threats as there are plenty of people who want to see to it she receives justice for her crime. Right now, Casey Anthony is the most hated woman in America. She's a villain who rivals Voldemort, the Dark Lord of the Harry Potter films.

And, in Florida where many people frown down on abortions, there are plenty of people willing to take out this alleged baby killer. Heck, co-workers of a juror on the Casey Anthony case have forced "juror No. 12" to quit her job and go into hiding! There are plenty of pissed off people in Florida, where children are as sacred as Hindu cows. dexter casey anthony

It's the $50,000 question which is on many people's minds...will someone knock off  alleged murderer Casey Anthony? Shortly after the not-guilty verdict - Dexter was a trending topic on Twitter as many people took to the internet and fantasized about Dexter killing Casey Anthony. Dexter as you may know, takes place in Miami. And, Casey Anthony would be just the type of target for America's most beloved vigilante.

Face it, if you followed this case closely, you know that the jury and the prosecution dropped the ball. She's guilty as sin and deserving of justice. I think America would cheer if a vigilante gave Casey Anthony her due justice...Dexter style.

It would behoove Casey Anthony to get out of dodge. She's not only the most hated person in Florida, but the most hated person in America. Rumor has it she may even be relocated to Puerto Rico.

She might not even be safe there.

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