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The bigger they are, the harder they fall as they say. And, Rupert Murdoch's Kingdom is about to crumble in light of this phone hacking scandal.

You know with any scandal, it just takes one little thing to sneak out and then the floodgates open up. Go down the line. Tiger Woods. Jesse James. Mel Gibson. Charlie Sheen. And, of course Anthony Weiner.

With the phone hacking scandal captivating the attention of Britain, this is surely just the surface of how deep it goes. For years Rupert Murdoch has been using his clout to threaten people's careers and flouting laws to increase his Empire's presence. And, now the chickens are coming home to roost.

It will be nice seeing Murdoch fall down. I just wonder how the schlubs at Fox News and right-wing mongers like Rush Limbaugh will spin this one?

I guess the "liberal media" isn't all that bad is it? At least they aren't hacking into the phones of dead people!

Today Rupert Murdoch told the British Parliamentary Committee that this is "the most humble day of my life."

Just like the Japan Nuclear Disaster, this thing is out of control while noone admits it there is more than meets the eye. Murdoch has reportedly lost $1 billion already.

I wonder what Rupert Murdoch will say when he's forced to resign and loses billions more over his misdeeds?

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