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The Scandinavian Weight loss and body sculpting secret comes to Philadelphia and our Host, Tiffany Bucciarelli, is putting it to the test.

Summer isn’t over yet, every women is still looking to slim down and stay toned for the perfect beach body or get a head start on wearing those great fall boots! PhillyHealthWatch heard the weighloss secret has come to Philadelphia to help women lose weight and inches with out breaking a sweat!  We wanted to see just how this program works, so we signed up our PHW Host to put Bailine to the test!

Tiffany will be engaging in a five week program that starts tomorrow (July 27th) that will consist of 10 sessions total, twice a week, 30 minute sessions.  Her results are expected to be shown after the ten sessions.  Tiffany should expect to tighten and tone muscles and skin, reduce cellulite, and increase her metabolism.  Tiffany will be posting about her experience through out the next five weeks on Facebook and Twitter.

We will launch our program with Tiffany’s interview with co-owners Marianne Torhus and Lisbet Drivdahl by and initial consultation that we will have ALL on video!  You will get to see where Tiffany measures up (body measurements) and what her goals will be set as over the next 5 weeks.  PHW will be bring you check in’s throughout the next five weeks to see Tiffany’s progress and get her opinion on how she is feeling throughout the entire process.

PhillyHealthWatch has it ALL on video.. stay tuned!