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There are two major stories happening on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and they are ugly. One of them is the wave of flash mobs in Philadelphia. The other involves a series of massive riots in London.

Philadelphia's flash mob riots are a reminder that the city of Brotherly love is full of plenty of hate. And, London's riots remind us that radical violence among youths isn't just an American problem.

But, this goes deeper than that. Philadelphia's flash mobs are an urban problem - involving the African American community. Even Mayor Nutter came out and admitted it. Black kids are targeting people walking down the street and throwing haymakers at anyone and anybody they see who isn't one of their own.

Philadelphia Flash Mobs

Last week Mayor Nutter called out the parents of black teenagers who are behind these violent riots in Philadelphia. And, he's right on. He certainly stirred up some of the masses on Twitter though. They had some really intelligent things to say about the Mayor this week:

Take this comment by a kid on Twitter:

"Somebody smack #MayorNutter in his bald ass head"

"#MayorNutter a D***head for thinking n****s gonna be in the house by 9."

And, here's another one: 

"#MayorNutter can't put us in the house at 9 he just a Mayor not the f***in' president he can eat a d**k forreal."

You can view all of these "intelligent" comments regarding Mayor Nutter on Twitter right here to see for yourself. Just scroll down to read the brilliance emanating from these kids.

In the case of London, we have anarchists who thrive on situations like this to "get back at the man." A lot of these anarchists talk  a good game. They call out the United States for war crimes, yet it's OK for them to attack people in public and destroy public property. Yeah, sounds pretty hypocritical to me.

It would behoove police departments in Philadelphia and London to employ the best solution...well the only real solution and that's violence against violence. There are some cases where the Police need to employ military-like tactics to reel in unruly citizens. And, when you have situations like this which put the public at a serious risk - good old fashioned police brutality is certainly in order. The curfew in Philadelphia is a great idea, but it doesn't go far enough. Police need to be given carte blanche to use brutality when necessary.

Sure, it will piss off the bleeding heart libs and America haters, but who cares. These people are so out of touch with reality they still think that violence among poor people is "normal" because they're poor. Some idiots like this one here feel that ending the war on drugs is the solution to ending the Philadelphia flash mobs!

A lot of these liberals even defend it they are brainwashed by the notion that poverty causes violence! Wrong. Bad decisions cause violence. Irresponsibility causes violence. Poor parenting leads to poor decisions. And, these parents who happen to be poor allow their kids to make poor decisions.

That's the only thing "poor" about all of this.

One of the biggest travesties is that the London riots and Philadelphia flash mobs are giving social media a bad name. Social media is one of the greatest things we have, but these irresponsible goons are turning social media into a haven for criminal activity and sheer idiocy.

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